Here it is… Influenced by my good friends, Jessi and Roger Thompson who both keep blogs on all their Triathlon happens I have decided to enter into the world of blogging. I am really excited about writing about my experiences in the world of swimming. Swimming has given me such a great opportunity to travel around the world and meet so many wonderful people that I think it is about time that I shared the love by sharing these experiences and encounters with all of you.

I could not think of a better time to start sharing the experience than from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am here with six other Whitworth swimmers, (the great Michael “Woody” Woodward, the buff Kalen “Pussycat” Darling, the fabulous Natalie “Dirtbag” Turner, the sassy Ashely “Training Partner” Lecoq, the beautiful Christine “Da Haaaven” DeHaven, and the wonderful Jennifer “Slow Arms” Benson) for the 2010 NCCA Division 3 National Championships. We arrived in Minneapolis yesterday morning to allow us some time to settle into the time change (my body is feeling a little confused after springing an hour forward on Saturday night and the changing  time zones again). The University Of Minnesota was the host site for D3 Nationals last year so I am quite familiar with the surroundings are really like the set up they have here. Our hotel is literally 400 yards from the Aquatic Center which is almost an exact replica of KCAC where we had North West Conference Championships and where USA Short Course Nationals were in December. Being comfortable with the surroundings has really helped me to relax and begin to enjoy this experience so far. When we swam here last year I was incredibly nervous. This was mainly because I had put such a large amount of pressure on myself to swim well but also because I had no idea about what to expect. This year feels very very different.

I have had a very different year as far as training has gone. I wasn’t able to swim during the summer because of the groin injury that seemed to rear its ugly head again. Thanks to some (painful) manipulation work by Dr. Mario Roybal at Roybal Chiropractic during the summer and then continuous work by the very caring swimming trainers, Cheree Sauer and Joel Buffum I have been able to keep that under under control, but it has had its effects on my season… Then, when the car accident that a group of the Whitworth swimmers were involved in December cut my Christmas Training week short and kept me out of the water for the first six days back after Christmas break I should have been wondering if there was any way that we can salvage anything from the season. But despite the weirdness of the season and the setbacks that the team and I have gone through I have felt good and have had A LOT of fun.

My Deck Pass
University Of Minnesota Aquatic Center
Walk to the Pool

This week will be the culmination of that weird season and I am very excited to start racing tomorrow. I am determined to enjoy and savor this experience regardless of the outcome, so despite the sore throat that I woke up with yesterday, I am in good spirit. There was a Nissan commercial a couple of years ago that ended with “Life is a journey… Enjoy the Ride” and I think that that punchline will be the motto of my week. No matter how fast or slow I swim in the next few days I will be enjoying this ride for all that it is worth… And now I can keep you all updated on how it’s going 🙂

Here is a race by race write up on the meet from

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