I’ve been so incredibly busy with life over the last 5 months that my poor blog has been shamefully neglected. There are so many times I’ve wanted to write but have been up to my eyes in homework or to tired to lift a finger. Poor excuses aside, I’m back… hopefully 🙂 So to what I want to say in this short post!

Nearly every time I see my mom she asks me a question. Carla asks me the same question at least a couple times a week. The question? Simple,”why do you do what you do?” Clearly if I’m being asked this question this often I am obviously sucking at answering it!

So maybe I’ve just never been able to put my answer into words… or maybe I’ve just never had a good enough one!

Until now. This evening Carla sent me a link to a blog called The Daily Love and a post written on November 5th last year. It pretty much answers the question for me. Really, there is not much more I can add.

So incase you’ve ever had a dream or believed in something but have never been able to explain it. Take this excerpt by Mastin Kipp to heart. I like it. A lot. Underneath the post is a video put together by local anchorman and friend of mine, Dave Erickson of a race I swam last Friday night during a mid season dual meet. It’s an awesome video and I am very grateful to Dave for sharing his talents with me and all of you.

Much love friends.


“Every generation has a limit to what it believes can be real. At one point we thought the world was flat, that it was impossible to fly or that putting a man on the moon was impossible.

The same thing can be said about how other people perceive you when you have a vision or a dream.

Not everyone will see it. Many will doubt it. In the beginning almost none will help make it happen.

But the magic lies in this: KNOWING, AFFIRMING and BELIEVING that your inner world creates your outer world. The thoughts and vision you are thinking about creating the life of your dreams, are the blueprints of your eventual success.
When you are inspired, don’t seek the approval of other people before you begin taking action. Just take action and produce results. You will learn from the action you take and if you take consistent and daily action eventually you will begin to show positive results.

When you show positive results, instead of other people saying, “Ah, that impossible”, they’ll start to ask you, “How’d you do that?””

– Mastin Kipp