At the beginning of the summer, Coach Kevin suggested I add yoga to my daily workout routine, I listened with half an ear. What I kind of heard was; “doing yoga will allow you to……. so you can maintain…….. which will allow you to…… and your core will be ……. so ……… also your …………….” Much like any kid, or college student that has just finished taking his final exams and is ready for the summer, I simply smiled and said yeah, that sounds great. What I should have heard was this formula:

Maintain a better body position in the water once fatigue sets in.

Find a better breathing rhythm.
Have a stronger core allowing for better, stronger rotation.
Simply more flexible


Here’s the honest truth, when I first put in the yoga dvd at the beginning of August, I couldn’t so much as touch my toes. The natural flexibility I thought I had from my days as a kid who played many different sports had all but disappeared. For a guy who has had two surgeries on his groin and has problems with his hips and lower back I really should have been doing something more than the odd stretch here and there.

Yoga in my speedo, sure why not?

What I didn’t know was how much of a difference the yoga actually makes! Over the last month I have put in the Rodney Yee yoga dvd 4 evenings a week performed as instructed (It helps having a projector and a movie room to watch the dvd in, kind of makes it feel like I have my own life size instructor telling me exactly what to do). At first pretty much everything I did made me feel nauseous but slowly, slowly I have improved. I can now put my hands flat on the floor behind my feet. with my head on my knees. I can hold some pretty funky “triangle poses”, arch my back further than what looks healthy and no longer need to hold back my last meal.

I am excited to see how this new endeavor of mine carries over into the pool. I’m also looking forward to seeing  how many of the Whitworth swimmers I can get to join me! Watch this space….