Mark Johnson

Passionate web designer and art lover.

Chasing The Dream Of An Olympic Games

This poem got me chasing the dream of swimming in an Olympic Games. It's a long shot dream, but with a little common sense and a healthy does of determination, you'd be surprised at what's possible.…

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No One Succeeds Alone; Why Athletes Need Support Structures

Success at the highest level is a very large, thousand piece puzzle. I am learning more and more how critical this piece of the puzzle is. These are my support structures, and the reasons you, as an…

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I Whinge When I’m Tired; Do Athletes Have A Right To Whine?

I don't whine for attention or to get out of hard work. I whine to verbalize the pain I am feeling. It reassures me that I am heading in the right direction. In some twisted way it helps build…

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