How To Deal With A Bad Swim Workout

Sucky Slow Swim Days happen. They even happen to the very best athletes in the world and I’m sure they happen to you too. Here's how to handle them.

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Triathlon Training Program For Swimming

Triathlon Training Program For Swimming: SwimFaster Cycle 2 Breakdown

The SwimFaster Triathlon Training Program For Swimming is a free online comprehensive swim program for triathletes that runs year round. Cycle 2 is THE cycle to help you get faster & more efficient!…

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swimfast tri story

From Scared Sh*tless to “Feeling Like a Boss”.
How Amin has progressed from a 3.16/100m to a 1.58/100m swimmer in 20 months.

In 2015 Amin, could average 3.16/100m on a good day. He was the last person out of the water in his first Olympic race. In his final 70.3 race of 2016, Amin came out the water in 37min39seconds…

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What If Swimming Faster Was This Easy?

Olivier dropped 30 seconds from his 800 Freestyle time this month!! In this post I explain how he did it and give you a subtle trick you can use to make sure you dominate the goals you set yourself.

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Three Simple Steps To Faster Swimming

Whatever your version of fast looks like, you that you can have it. But like most things in life, it won’t come for free.

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