How To Stop Your Legs From Sinking – Root Cause 14

The  Ultimate Guide To Balance & Alignment In Freestyle Swimming

Fixing Your Sinking Leg Problems


Root Cause No 14: 

Wearing Baggy Shorts

This is a mistake that new swimmers figure out pretty quickly.  But it still gets made regularly. Why? Because… well, if you’ve never rocked out with your c*ck out, a speedo can feel a little intimidating.

The problem is baggy shorts act like parachutes. They collect extra water and add more weight to your hips and thigh. Your hips and thighs are already the most prone part of your body to sinking. So wearing the boardies multiplies the force of gravity on your legs. They pull you under and slow you down even more.


How To Fix It 

You might not fancy a tight pair of speedos, that’s ok.  But get yourself a pair of knee length jammers to swim in. You’ll notice the difference immediately.