How To Stop Your Legs From Sinking – Root Cause 4

The  Ultimate Guide To Balance & Alignment In Freestyle Swimming

Fixing Your Sinking Leg Problems


Root Cause No 4: 

Over Rotating

Over rotating is one of the most common mistakes I see Age Group Triathletes make. You need effective rotation in your stroke, it helps maximize propulsion. But the appropriate degrees of rotation is often misunderstood. Rotating too much will cause your hips to drop!

When you over rotate a couple things happen. I’m going to break these down into subsections and explain each of them. We can link why each of the errors are causing your hips to drop back to your over rotation issue.

Why It Happens 

There are generally two reasons why new swimmers tend to over rotate.

{1} Thinking More is Better. 

One of the first things you’ll get taught when you learn to swim is the importance of rotation. Most YouTube videos and online guides will emphasize the need to avoid “swimming flat” and to reach and rotate. Without any guidance on how much or how to effectively rotate new swimmers will go from too little to too much rotation very quickly – more is not necessarily better!

{2} Not Enough Core Strength to Control the Rotation

If you aren’t able to stop the momentum that comes with your rotation from side to side, it is very easy to rotate past the point of utility and move into over rotation. To stay in the right rotation range we need a strong core to stop and then reverse the rotation once we have hit the optimal point.

Let’s take a look at the stroke faults associated with over rotation and how to fix them: