Swim Stroke Video Analysis

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SwimFast Video Analysis

Every part of this video analysis process is geared towards helping you understand exactly what is currently helping your swim fast and what is slowing you down. All the supporting feedback and instruction is then designed to help you fix your problems and create new, more effective habits.

Here is what you get with your video analysis:

✅ A complete video analysis of your stroke analyzed from multiple different angles.
✅ A detailed breakdown to help you understand your stroke to show you exactly where you are adding resistance and losing speed through the water.
✅ A customized progression of drills based on your individual stroke faults and weaknesses
✅ Detailed drill explanation videos and descriptions for each drill I prescribe that makes it crystal clear what you should be focusing on and the common errors to avoid. This ensures you never waste a single length doing any of the drills I give you.
✅ A follow up after the analysis. My number 1 priority as a coach is to see any athlete I work with make tangible progress. While that isn’t always immediate I want to see how things have improved and progressed as you work through your drills and make your corrections. I will check in with you a month after your analysis to see how you are getting on and make sure things are improving.


SwimFast Video Analysis

The SwimFast Video Analysis is For Age Group Triathletes Wanting:

🔹A comprehensive understanding of how they are moving through the water and the impact it is having on their speed and efficiency.
🔹A complete set of drills designed specifically for their personal stroke faults, body type and swimming goals.

SwimFast Video Analysis Options

🔹 In Person Analysis

In this option we meet at a agreed time and I do all the filming of your stroke and work with you one-on-one for an hour fixing what I immediately pick up on.

🔹 Online Analysis

In this option you can film yourself swimming and send all the video footage to me for analysis. I will show you exactly what angles I will need to get to give you a great breakdown and how to upload your videos and share them with me.

Filming & Video Content Agreement:

By signing up to do a SwimFast Video Analysis you consent to the use of your recordings singularly or in conjunction with other recordings for feedback, analysis, and advertising. Your full name and personal details will never be publicly shared along with the videos unless explicit written consent is granted.