Personal attention to squad setting

Learn to swim fast, fix your technique and build your swim fitness alongside Dubai’s friendliest triathletes.

Welcome to swimfast dubai!

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to check out how I can help you transform your swimming. If you’re an Age Group Triathlete that’s ready stop “just surviving” the swim, this is the perfect place for you. I hope you are ready close the gap on your competition in the water and getting on your bike feeling fresher!

My name is Rory and for years I’ve only worked 1-1 with an exclusive group of triathletes. But now, in partnership with Absolute Swimming Academy I’m opening up my coaching to you too.

I’ve learned one thing coaching triathletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities; each one of us is unique. While the fundamental principles of moving through the water are the same for everyone, we all swim differently. But more than that, we all have different needs and goals.

That’s why SwimFast Dubai’s sessions offer you personal attention within a friendly and competitive squad environment.

You’re guaranteed individual stroke guidance during every session. We’ll combine that with workouts that are appropriate to you’re ability so you leave the pool with that feeling of being “just a little bit tired” 🙂  but hugely motivated by your progress and accomplishments.

Get booked in for your first workout (it’s free)! I’m excited to see you in the water at our next session!

~ Rory

Is swimfast dubai for me?

I work with adults of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Talent, ability and ego are put aside as we prove to ourselves (and everyone that’s ever doubted us) that we still “got it”.

Just starting out? Perfect, we’ll set you up with great stroke technique and build up your swim fitness so you feel unshakably confident.

Experienced swimmer? Awesome, we’ll correct the stubborn bad stroke habits you’ve developed, increase your race pace, and teach you how to approach the swim strategically.

When you jump into a lane in one of our pools, you’ll immediately feel like you are exactly where you need to be to achieve your goals.

I make sure every session is focused on getting results, learning something new, enjoying the people around you and having tons of fun in the process.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that during every workout you will:

  • Discover how to swim faster and more efficiently so you can hit your bike with intensity and purpose instead of feeling like you need to play catch up.
  • Build rock-solid technique that allows you to move smoothly through the water instead of fighting to just cover the distance
  • Gain an understanding of your pacing so you can maintain consistent speed throughout your swim instead of starting out fast and then feeling your speed drop off as you run out of steam
  • Learn to confidently handle anything that comes your way during the swim on race day instead of feeling like you just need to survive before the real race starts.
  • Meet triathletes that are already swimming at a level you one day hope to achieve and who are excited to show you how they do it. 
If that is something you want to be a part of, then the answer is YES! SwimFast Dubai is for you!


Can my children join in too?


I’ve spent the last 6 years specializing in working with triathletes and adults. Swimming presents a unique struggle for most adults, especially when they never learned to swim as children. I have dedicated all of my time to learning exactly what works and what doesn’t for adult triathletes. My goal is to become the very best in the world at this. To do that I have decided to only work with adults and triathletes. So SwimFast Dubai’s Squad sessions open to anyone 18 and older.

The good news is that I know a group of coaches that would LOVE to coach your children. Let me introduce Sarah and her team at Absolute Swimming Academy to you.

The Absolute team is highly experienced in teaching children of all ages to love the water and swim fast! They offer effective group sizes and a friendly and supportive atmosphere that will ensures your children become confident and competent swimmers! Click below to find out more about Absolute Swimming Academy.

Squad Program

You have a choice of three different types of squad workouts each week.

Each workout has a very clear focus and purpose to help make sure you are making the tangible progress you are after. Click on any of the three session types below to help give you an understanding of the purpose of each workout… and then scroll down below to see the schedule and get booked in!

Time Slot: Sunday PM
Session Length: 60 minutes
Capacity: 15 Swimmers

The Technique Skills & Drills Session is centered on helping you refine technique and build efficiency in the water. The session is primarily drill focused interspersed with light aerobic (low intensity) sets and some descend work (we start easy and end faster). This session is a perfect way to recover from a heavy weekend of training and set up good habits for the week to come. You can expect feedback on your technique, what you are doing wrong and exactly how to correct your stroke faults during this session.

Time Slot: Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Wednesday PM
Session Length: 60-75 minutes
Capacity: 15 Swimmers

The Technique-Threshold Sessions are the “bread & butter” sessions of the Swim Squad Programming. Technique work and stroke instruction is the focus during the warm up and early part of the workout. We then transitioning to threshold training focused on CSS Pace (you can read more about threshold training and CSS Pace here) Interval distances will range from 50m to 800m with goal times set individually (and by lane) based on each triathletes individual CSS Pace. You can expect feedback on your technique and your pacing with the goal of helping you become more efficient during this session.

Time Slot: Wednesday AM
Session Length: 75-90 minutes
Capacity: 15 Swimmers

The Race Prep Sessions are the toughest workout of the week. They are designed to help you get fit, comfortable and confident about attacking the “washing machine” that you’re likely to be a part of on race day. Skills and drills tend to be open water specific, but this may differ depending on where we are in the season. Interval distances will range from 50m to 1500m and will mix CSS Pace work with Speed work and short rest interval sets. You can expect feedback on your technique and your pacing with the goal of helping you become a better triathlon swimmer during this session.

Semi-private coaching

Do you need a little more personalized help with your swimming? Does swimming with a group scare you?

Don’t stress! I offer Semi Private (2-4 swimmers) and 1-1 Private coaching too. A perfect way to get more individual feedback and attention on your stroke, fitness and race preparations!

Please contact me for details on these sessions before attempting to sign up.

The schedule for the Semi Private sessions can be seen below. Private 1-1 sessions are organized on an individual basis.

getting booked in

To make sure you get quality feedback and personal attention the number of spots open in each session is limited.

This means you need to book into each session to secure your spot.

We use a simple booking system to help manage who’s in and who’s out.

Please click HERE to see the step by step process of getting up and running with your bookings.

*Please contact me for details on the Semi Private Sessions before attempting to sign up.

Squad pricing

Deciding to work with Rory is one of the best investments I have made. – Indra M

This Is Not Your Typical Group Swim Workout.

When you join a SwimFast Squad session you’re going to get carefully programmed workouts (scaled to your ability if needed), clear cut stroke feedback, a healthy dose of motivation, a good laugh, and a bit of a kick in the butt (if you need it!).

No matter what your goals in the water, if you commit, I’m committed to helping you go beyond them.


Just visiting
AED 70 For one workout
  • Valid for one workout
  • First session is FREE


For casual training
AED 600 For ten workouts
  • AED 60 per workout
  • Valid for 12 weeks

Flex ten

For the traveler
AED 650 For ten workouts
  • AED 65 per workout
  • valid for 24 weeks

twenty five

most popular for race prep
AED 1050 for 25 workouts
  • AED 42.50 per workout
  • Valid for 16 weeks


For the dedicated
AED 1900 for 25 workouts
  • AED 38 per workout
  • Valid for 24 weeks


One Hundred
AED 3450 For 100 workouts
  • AED 34.50 per workout
  • Valid for 32 weeks

Need some help deciding?

Are you new to swimming and triathlon?

Let’s start with 10 and take it from there.

Irregular schedule or do you travel often?

The flex 10 is perfect for you.

Got an upcoming race? It’s focus time!

Go with the most popular 25 and start training!

Married to the game (or need a lot of help!)?

The big deals are for you.

Pool Locations

We run our weekly workouts from Kings’ School in Al Barsha and Kings’ School Dubai.
Check the schedule to see when we are at each pool. Use the button below to open up the direction on your phone. We wouldn’t want you getting lost on your way!

Connect with rory

Got a question or unsure of something?

Give me a call (I’ll answer if I’m not coaching), send me a WhatsApp message or drop me an email… Even better, get booked in for your session – it’s FREE. I’d love to meet you, hear your story and answer your questions!