Crush your swim demons, boost your swim speed, perfect your technique.  

What if you could have an exclusive swim program designed individually FOR YOU that will help you achieve the swim success you’ve dreamed of? 

If the swim only accounts for 10-12% of your tri race, why does it make up 90% of your triathlon troubles and anxiety?

  • Bike, no problem.
  • Run, easy.
  • But the Swim? Every day I talk to triathletes that tell me how they struggle with their swimming

Maybe you’ll tell me how “bad your technique” is,  how “terrible your swim endurance is”. Or perhaps you’ll describe your mental blocks towards swimming and overall feelings of frustration at not seeing major improvements.

Could it be that the novelty of training has worn off and improvements are harder to come by. Either by choice or by default they’ve started to avoid swimming all together. Just like these two triathletes I talked with recently… 

Is the swim a “necessary evil”, something that you just have to survive?

No matter how many hours you spend (or avoid) in the water, it never seems to get any easier and you just can’t breakthrough to the next level!

  • Session after session.
  • Week after week.
  • You bike and run times improve.

But your swim still lags behind.

How frustrating!

Eventually it becomes so hard to force yourself to go to the pool. Why would you when you don’t feel like you’re making any progress? 


SwimFast Online Personal Coaching

The one to one coaching program for “swim weak” triathletes who want to swim faster and more efficiently!

Get Ready To:

  • Swim faster in 12 weeks as you build your fitness and refine your technique
  • Stop losing precious minutes to your competition on the swim
  • Approach the swim with unshakable confidence
  • Stop fearing the swim - wetsuit legal or not
  • Build up your training distances in practice without the frustration and boredom
  • Break through your current pace/100 without trying any harder on race day

Personalized coaching from SwimFast Head Coach, Rory Buck. This program has been tried and tested by 100’s of Triathletes from all over the world. 

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

Kick Off Consultation Call

  • A "get to know you" call to talk about your training schedule and goals.
  • Introduction and planning session so you know what to expect from me and I get to know you and your goals!

4* Personalized Swim Workouts Each Week

  • 4 personalized workouts available to you each week based on your goals and current ability.
  • You’ll build your swim fitness
  • Hone in on your personal technique flaws
  • Develop perfect pacing

* I will send you a maximum of 4 sessions each week. This may vary from person to person depending on your training schedule and goals. With most clients I will ask you to complete 3 x 1 hour sessions per week in order to see real tangible results in 12 weeks.

Weekly Video Stroke Review

  • I'll do a video review of your stroke every week
  • From your video I’ll show you how to make simple tweaks so you can swim faster
  • You’ll become more confident and efficient in the water
  • I’ll show you exactly how to get better results from less work!

Weekly Evaluation of Stroke Progress

  • Based on your video and your session feedback
  • I’ll coach and direct you on how to fix your stroke faults
  • I’ll change and adjust your specific drill to fix your stroke faults
  • You’ll learn how to identify your technique mistakes

Full Access to the SwimFast Drill Library

  • Detailed drill videos demonstrating how to do each prescribed drill
  • Valuable reminders on what to focus on and the common faults to avoid so you get the most out of your swim drills
  • Available to you on demand - wherever you are!  

Accountability & Support

  • Post swim workout check-in messages viaText message, WhatsApp messenger or Email.
  • Unlimited messages for questions and guidance via Text message, WhatsApp messenger, or Email.

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Save $25 by paying for 3 months coaching in advance.
If you have any questions or concerns about this personalized coaching, please email me
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Is Online Personal Coaching Right For You?

I’m very selective about who I coach. This is an exclusive group! I intentionally keep my client base very small so that when I work with you, you have my undivided attention.

My online coaching is RIGHT for you if:

  • You are committed to spending the time working through a process that will make you faster.
    • I commit 100% to helping you get faster, I expect that you will commit to doing what I ask of you.
  • You currently swim between a 2.30 and 1.45/100 meters (2.20 - 1.35/100 yards) over at least 400 meters/yards.
    • I’ve specialized in helping age group triathletes in this range. If you are slower than this range, you need more hands on coaching than what I can offer online. 1-1 sessions will benefit you more than a remote online coach.
  • You are patient and willing to work through the process of getting faster.
    • You can’t shortcut this process. You don’t go from 2.30/100m to 1.30/100m over night. To average 1.30/100m you must first break each interval that precedes it. If you’re willing to start where you are and build from there you’re going to see results!
  • You are looking for a comprehensive, detailed and focused program, not random tips and tricks.
    • If you really want to succeed in this swimming for triathlon game, take my advice, find a coach you trust and follow one structured program.

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3 Monthly payments of

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Save $25 by paying for 3 months coaching in advance.
If you have any questions or concerns about this personalized coaching, please email me
I’m here to help!

Let’s Get You Faster

Triathletes love to use a pace/100m as a measure for their swim success. This metric is handy and easy to understand, BUT x/100m over what sort of distance and at what energy price?

As you can imagine, 2.00/100m over an ironman distance is very different to 2.00/100m over a sprint distance.

And if you got fast enough to swim 1.30/100 over 1500m, but it takes so much energy that you can’t ride or run afterwards, the swim would entirely pointless! We’re training for a triathlon, not a one-and-done swim race!

When we work together, you’ll get faster AND more efficient in the water. Speed with a lower energy price – leaving you smiling after the swim, ready to rock the bike and run!

But, to satiate your desire to know how much faster you might get… On average my new triathletes will see a 13 second per 100m (19 seconds/100 yard) improvement over an 1500m Olympic Distance Swim in 12 weeks.

*13 seconds is an average over a large data set of client improvements. Swimming for triathlon, indeed swimming in general follows the laws of diminishing returns. The faster you are, the more work required to drop the seconds! The coaching itself does not guarantee faster swimming – you actually have to do  the work. If you don’t want to do the work, this is not for you! 

Meet Some of the SwimFast Team:

“My times have dropped immensely since working with Rory. My swim time for TriYas at the Olympic distance improved by over 12mins.” – Amin S

“Through Rory’s challenging but informative coaching, I have become a better swimmer!” – Enda

“The pointers from session 1 definitely helped a lot and got me focused on a few things that made me 2-3 seconds faster per 100m straight away without breaking a sweat.” – Ramine
“Following Rory’s tips made me ‘feel’ the rights and wrongs in my swim technique.” – Evan
“Rory is experienced, knows his swimming but importantly understands movement and how to address common issues faced by different people.” – Ross G

“Rory is extremely talented in understanding people’s skills and abilities and building on their base strengths. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to seriously improve their swimming and fitness.”  David M

Without SwimFast, I am sure I would found someone else to train with but to be honest I do not even want to think of that option. This is what has got me through two HALF distances and got me quicker. - Rohit V

Frequently Asked Questions

Your workouts will be tailored to your specific abilities and goals.

If you are preparing for a race, we will work specifically towards that goal as well as improving your stroke technique. 

If you are in the off season, we will work on building rock solid technique and base level fitness that will have you miles ahead of your competition when the season kicks off! 

Each workout will have a warm up, skills and drills set, a main set and a warm down. What we do in each of those sections is dependent on what you want to achieve.

You can have your first personalized workout from me in less than 48 hours. Once we’ve established that we are a good swimmer/coach fit and that I can help you achieve your goals, I will send you the first week’s sessions.

YES! That is exactly what this coaching program will give you. Drills, workouts and progressions designed specifically for you! No one else!

I’ll ask you to film yourself swimming 50-100m each week and send it to me for review. You can have someone film you with a phone from the pool deck or you can use a GoPro or underwater camera to catch yourself at better angles.

I’ll work with whatever you send me. Once I receive it I’ll review it with stroke analyzing software and provide you with feedback on exactly what you are doing right and what we’ll focus on for the coming week.

Yes, absolutely. You will have unlimited messages for questions and guidance via WhatsApp messenger, Facebook Messenger, Email or Text message.

If you are brand new to swimming you need more hands on coaching than what I can offer online. 1-1 sessions will benefit you more than a remote online coach. If you live in Dubai and would like to start 1-1 sessions with me, send me an email and we can arrange it. If you do not live in Dubai, I’d be happy to help you find a coach that will suit you!

$150 covers you for 4 weeks of coaching. However, we will only be scratching the tip of the ice-burg at the 4 week mark. So to ensure you really the value of this personalized program I ask you to commit to 12 weeks when we first start working together.
After the first 12 weeks, should you wish to continue (most people do) you will be billed monthly.

I take a different approach to my coaching than most other coaches out there.

My M.O. is quality not quantity.

My client list is extremely limited, I’m talking a maximum of 12 triathletes per month! Because my client base is kept so small, when I work with you, you have my undivided attention. I am your very own private coach!

The value and benefits you will get from the focus and attention I give to each of my clients is unparalleled by any coach you’ve ever interacted with.

I could have chosen to write $9 ebooks with random pieces of unstructured advice or I could choose to charge $29 a month for a cut and paste program that’s generic and boring. But I’ve been in this game long enough to know that won’t work for you.

If you want real results, you need real focus. That’s what my coaching is all about.

$150 a month is a small investment in the grand scheme of triathlon. It’s an investment yourself that will give you peace of mind, better results and a whole lot of bragging rights.

Plus, you get to try it all 100% risk free.

All prices are quoted in $USD

All payments are set up and processed through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card, whichever works best for you!

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3 Monthly payments of

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Save $25 by paying for 3 months coaching in advance.
If you have any questions or concerns about this personalized coaching, please email me
I’m here to help!

Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will be swimming faster in 12 weeks that I’m more than happy to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s very straightforward. Follow the customized workouts I send you each week and see for yourself. If you don’t swim faster, show me you did all the sessions and I will refund you 100%.

I ask you to show me you’ve completed the workouts because I know how effective they are when you do them. I have no intention of keeping your money if you are unhappy, but the only way to get the results is to get in and swim. I know you are busy, but if you can’t commit to at least working through the drills and workouts each week, then this type of coaching isn’t for you.

If you are willing to commit to following the program and doing each workout, then my coaching is 100% risk free!

Turn your weakness into a strength now!

Don't wait any longer. Let's get started.

I only have 2 more spots for the month of March 2017, grab one before someone else does!!

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3 Monthly payments of

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Save $25 by paying for 3 months coaching in advance.
If you have any questions or concerns about this personalized coaching, please email me
I’m here to help!