Whitworth Heritage Gallery Hall of Fame Induction

Many of you have asked for pictures and updates from my most recent trip to the US as part of my induction to The Whitworth Heritage Gallery Hall of Fame, so I thought I would share a little of the trip here with with you.

It was an incredible trip, emotional, uplifting, and just awesome to connect with some many people that helped shape me as a person, an athlete and a coach. I was incredibly honored to be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame (especially so soon after my graduation from University) and the school really made a bid deal of it through the week. An amazing experience all around.

College Career Montage Video

This is a 5 minute montage of my College Swimming Career which got me super emotional – I was cool as a cucumber until this came up and brought back floods of memories. An amazing tribute to my time as a student athlete.

Induction Introduction & Acceptance Speech

In my acceptance speech (starts at 6:40 after an embarrassing story and introduction by the Sports Information Director) I talked about how support is one of the cornerstones to success in anything we do. Often times the support we receive is completely unnoticed but without it none of us would ever achieve anything we are truly capable of. I had an incredible support system while I was in College, so many people played big roles in my story, many of them I never met or got to know. This is a tribute to everyone that helped me through.

Some Snaps From The Week

I was blessed to have friends, coaches and teammates fly in from around the country to celebrate with me while also getting the chance to guest lecture a class at the University and coach a number of swim sessions with the current swim team (and race against them too – not quite as impressive as it may have once been!).

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