Rejuvenation, Training and the Tri Cities Swim Meet

I looked after 30 swimmers who raced to 140 best time and 23 team records. It was a pretty impressive show by the kids. In the last two years Kevin and his deputy Keddy have done an incredible job of…

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Forget the Horse Whisperer! Listen To Your Body!

Going from 4000m a day to 16 000m a day will take a toll on your body… Be careful” my body would say to me. “You are keeping up with the rest of the squad now though, keep it going, the gains you are…

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“Effortless Swimming”

A race can often become a contradiction within yourself. The harder you fight the water, the more you lose your streamline, increase your resistance, and slow down. One of the many paradoxes of the…

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Ode To Swim Coaches

As a coach, I know that the success or failure of an athlete ultimately lies on their shoulder but the influence of the coach is vital to the process. My coaches have been some of the most…

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Sleep, yes please

The amount of sleep she was getting. Doing the same thing in the pool, with the same coach, living on the same schedule as she had previously, Penny went from good performances on the college stage…

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