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You'd better be fit or you're going to suffer.

Your triathlon swimming performance is dependent on a combination of cardiovascular fitness and how well you are are able to reduce drag and maintain propulsion (i.e. hold good technique) as you fatigue. Technique will set the limit on where your fitness will take you. But technique on it’s own will only carry you through 4-5 minutes of swimming. After that you better be fit or you’re going to suffer.

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~ Rory 

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Optimizing Your Swim Training:
What’s Better? Multiple Short Swims or One Long Session?

In this post, I briefly explain why I have seen my athletes have better success with multiple short sessions over one long session each week. I’ll also discuss a few caveats to help you make the best choice for your swim training.

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What is Swim Fitness?
Breaking Down the Elements of Technique, Fatigue, and Stress

Be Fit or Suffer! But what does it mean to be “Swim Fit”? Let’s break down the concept of swim fitness into its core components, helping you understand the key elements that contribute to becoming a better swimmer.

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Good Triathlon Swim Time

What is a Good Triathlon Swim Time?

In this guide I will show you what it takes to be better than the average triathlon swimmer for your age and gender. We will also take a look at how fast you need to swim to be considered “good”, as well as what it takes to make it in Kona and as a specialist swimmer.

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How To Balance Technique & Fitness In Your Workouts

To really succeed in swimming for triathlon you need a mixture or technique and fitness. Focus on technique in the off season or in the early season. As race day gets closer you will be doing more training than technique work.

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share a swimming lane

How To Share A Swimming Lane

Want to hop into the water at your local pool but scared to death by the thought of people judging you because you don’t know how to share a swimming lane?

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Mastering Your Pacing:
How to Swim Without Constantly Checking Your Watch

In this post, I go through the key elements of understanding and mastering your swimming pace without constantly relying on your watch so you have a better grasp of how to gauge your pace effectively.

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Swim Fitness: Why You Need More Than Technique

Technique will set the limit on where your fitness will take you. But technique on it’s own will only carry you through 4-5 minutes of swimming.

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How To Better Use Your Workout Time In The Pool

Your training time is limited. You want to be certain each workout is helping you achieve your goal. Here’s two ways you can do just that.

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How To Deal With A Bad Swim Workout

Sucky Slow Swim Days happen. They even happen to the very best athletes in the world and I’m sure they happen to you too. Here’s how to handle them.

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Three Simple Steps To Faster Swimming

Whatever your version of fast looks like, you that you can have it.
But like most things in life, it won’t come for free.

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