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Your swim technique will set the limit on where your fitness will take you.

You can train harder and get fitter to shave mere seconds off your best times. Or you can improve your technique and save minutes. Here are all my best guides to help you improve your technique. I hope you find something here that helps you!

~ Rory 

My most popular swim technique guides & posts


Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming

A Straightforward Swimming for Triathlon Guide To Efficient Technique, Better Endurance & Unshakable Triathlon Swimming Confidence.   Why I Wrote This Guide I started swimming …

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Making Friends Through Triathlon

One of the things I LOVE about triathlon and swimming is that it enables you to travel to places that you may never have known about and to meet some of the most interesting people.

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Tips For Freestyle Breathing

If you’re gasping for air on every stroke, don’t stress this quick guide will help. Here are some simple tips for freestyle breathing.

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Good Triathlon Swim Time

What is a Good Triathlon Swim Time?

In this guide I will show you what it takes to be better than the average triathlon swimmer for your age and gender. We will also take a look at how fast you need to swim to be considered “good”, as well as what it takes to make it in Kona and as a specialist swimmer.

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Are Swim Drills For Triathletes A Good Idea?

Swim drills for triathletes are not a magic pill. You won’t get faster just because you do them regularly! Learn how to use drills correctly in this post.

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adjust your swimming mindset

Adjust Your Swimming Mindset

When you adjust your swimming mindset I guarantee you will start to get see quicker improvements! Here are 5 tips to help you get your mind right.

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freestyle kick triathletes

Freestyle Kick Like A Triathlete

This post breaks down how to position and move each part of your leg so you can get more power out of your kick. Learn to kick more efficiently right here.

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share a swimming lane

How To Share A Swimming Lane

Want to hop into the water at your local pool but scared to death by the thought of people judging you because you don’t know how to share a swimming lane?

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Wetsuit Tips For Open Water Swimming

Swimming in a wetsuit can feel very different to swimming without one. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your wetsuit.

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How To Swim Straight In Open Water

It’s not always the fastest swimmer that finishes first but the swimmer who swims the best line on line! Here’s how to swim straight in open water…

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How To Stop A Triathlon Swim Panic Attack On Race Day

Open Water Swim Panic Attacks is one of the biggest reasons why triathletes fail to convert their speed from the pool to open water.

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How To Prevent An Open Water Swim Panic Attack Before You Race

Open Water Swim Panic Attacks is one of the biggest reasons why triathletes fail to convert their speed from the pool to open water. Here’s how you can…

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Open Water Swimming Tip: Six Culprits Of Slow Open Water Times

There are SIX main culprits that cause us to swim slower in open water than in the pool. Four of them are in our direct control, two of them are not….

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Use These 5 Steps To Improve Your Swim Technique

Understand exactly how your brain processes learning a skill and apply these 5 strategies to change and improve your technique like a pro.

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Swim Fitness: Why You Need More Than Technique

Technique will set the limit on where your fitness will take you. But technique on it’s own will only carry you through 4-5 minutes of swimming.

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The Freestyle Breath: How To Keep Your Head Low

When you keep your head low during the freestyle breath you’ll sustain your pace with less effort and hold your speed for longer periods of time. Learn how to keep your head in a good position through the breath

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How To Better Use Your Workout Time In The Pool

Your training time is limited. You want to be certain each workout is helping you achieve your goal. Here’s two ways you can do just that.

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How To Deal With A Bad Swim Workout

Sucky Slow Swim Days happen. They even happen to the very best athletes in the world and I’m sure they happen to you too. Here’s how to handle them.

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What If Swimming Faster Was This Easy?

Olivier dropped 30 seconds from his 800 Freestyle time this month!! In this post I explain how he did it and give you a subtle trick you can use to make sure you dominate the goals you set yourself.

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Setting Goals Leads to Achieving Results

The key to your success lies in crossing off the smaller goals every day so at the end of the season you’ll have achieved the big goal you set yourself.

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Three Simple Steps To Faster Swimming

Whatever your version of fast looks like, you that you can have it.
But like most things in life, it won’t come for free.

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Should Triathletes Swim Front Quadrant Freestyle?

The speed and efficiency of your freestyle stroke is directly related to the length of your body. By swimming front quadrant freestyle you will create a more efficient stroke that you can learn to build speed from. Here’s how to swim front quadrant freestyle.

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what I learned from failing

What I Learned From Failing To Make The 2012 Olympic Team

In 2012 I failed to make the Olympic team. Finishing 3rd in the 200 Breaststroke I didn’t make the cut but I wouldn’t change any of my experiences for the world. Here’s why.

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Today I Won A National Championship

On the evening of May 29th 2007 I lay in a hospital unable to sit up, questioning if I would ever be able to swim fast again. Today I won my first National title and boosted my confidence in achieving my dream of swimming in the Olympic Games.

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Swimmer can't run

Think Swimming Is Challenging? This Swimmer Can’t Run!

Running is for Athletes that can’t… can’t catch, can’t throw, can’t hit a ball, can’t swim, can’t ride a bike… I mean there is no skill involved whatsoever, it’s just like walking, only faster… Right? Wrong! Friends, let me share something with you.

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