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I work with Age Group Triathletes of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, that live all over the world. If you’re willing to be coachable, work hard and show me consistency, I’d be happy to show you the way too.
Experience has shown me the two most common reasons why most Age Group triathletes struggle with their swimming...

They lack the time to commit to swim workouts

They are doing the wrong thing with the limited time they have

If you haven’t struggled to balance work, family, training and all the other priorities then you, my friend, are a lucky son of a gun. For most of us, we have to build in our training time around our lives.

The first step to getting this right is to determine what the minimum amount of time you need to commit to see progress. That magic number is 3 swims per week.

But once you’ve committed to 3 swim a week, you are only halfway there.
You’re still not guaranteed to see improvements unless you’re doing the right thing with each swim.

The problem is, what is right for you?

There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting information, outdated advice and everyone you ask has their own two cents. What you end up with is some ideas, but no clear plan or strategy.

Look at it like this...

Navigating through the random advice takes time you don’t have. And it won’t get you the results you want.

You waste a ridiculous amount of time trying to work things out for yourself… Double guessing whether you’re doing it right or not… Hoping that next thing you try will be the golden nugget that makes everything right… Getting frustrated when it doesn’t.

There’s a more effective solution. And this is where I can help you.

Over the years my intensive 1-1 personalized coaching process has helped 100’s of Age Group Triathletes do three things:

feedback from some of my clients

how does it work?

It all starts with a plan designed around you and your needs. I customize your entire swimming program towards your goals. I look at video of your stroke, take into account your current ability and experience. Look at your schedule & commitments. As well as your race schedule and ultimate goals to put together a program designed to help you improve.

There is A LOT more detail I will explain further when we go through the application process.


Yes. Approximately 50% of my clients have a triathlon coach in addition to working with me. Swimming is a sport unlike running and cycling. My detailed oriented approach and the coaching process I have built out over the last 4 years working online has allowed me to tailor and refine this process in a way that is very difficult for a coach looking after 3 different disciplines to do.

No. My coaching isn’t just the physiological. It’s not just main sets and a series of drills. When I coach, I teach. I want you to learn as much from me as possible about moving through the water, improving your stroke and preparing for races, but more than that I want to equip you to handle it all on your own. I’ve got clients that have been with me for years, bu that’s because they choose to (and we have a great relationship) not because they feel like they can’t swim without me.

Yes. But not for everyone. Part of the application process is designed to help me understand you and your circumstances better. Step 3 in that process is me making suggestions on what will work best for your experience and goals. I’ve learned who I am able to help and who I am not. The application process and questions leads to better results and happier coaching relationships. That’s what I want for you.

Yes. Everyone I work with follows the same coaching process, here in the beautiful city of Dubai or anywhere else in the world. If you live in Dubai (or you are traveling to Dubai) you have the added bonus of being able to do Private 1-1 sessions with me in addition to your personalized plan 😊. Simply tick the “I live in Dubai” box on the application form so I know to include the details on that in my follow up.


let's get started

Before we get to started, there are a couple of prerequisites to us working together. Through trial and error I’ve learned who I am able to help and who I am not, so before we go any further, let’s get that out of the way. For this 1-1 coaching to work effectively, you must:

If you meet all those criteria, fill out the short form below and I’ll respond back with a few questions to get us started!