Comprehensive Swim Plans For Triathletes

TrI Swim Training plans

Here’s the thing, you need more than a collection of random “Kick-Pull-Drill-Swim” sets to keep you stimulated and help you progress in the water. So I’ve created a few resources to help you. 

All of my workouts include very structured skills, drills, main sets and explanations designed to help you improve your technique, build your fitness and grow your confidence in your swimming ability.

These Workouts Will Help You:
1. Better understand the fundamentals of swimming and moving through the water
2. Know how to work with the water, not against it
3. Develop the strength and power to the point where you can relax, letting your body do the work. Never fight the water again!

And they are all FREE.


~ Rory

Tri Swim Plans

NEED 1-1 Coaching?

I work with Age Group Triathletes of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, that live all over the world. If you’re willing to be coachable, work hard and show me consistency, I’d be happy to show you the way too.