One of the things I LOVE about triathlon and swimming is that it enables you to travel to places that you may never have known about and to meet some of the most interesting people.

A few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to meet a super interesting guy, Nils, who runs a great race in Sweden each summer.

Nils connected with me through Instagram while out on vacation in Dubai(check out his Instagram here).

We spent a morning together talking swimming and doing a workout. What could be more awesome?

I wanted to share a quick 5 minute video he put together while we talked about:

  • The benefits of training in Dubai (at 0:00)
  • The first mistake wannabe triathletes make when they start out swimming (at 0:47)
  • The highest priority every triathlon swimmer should be focused on (at 1:38)
  • The popularity of triathlon in Dubai (at 2:48)
  • How I got into coaching swimming (at 3:33)

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Are you going to be traveling to Dubai? Want to chat swimming? Send me an email and lets connect.