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Chances are, you’re on this page for one reason. Your swimming is not improving. And lowering your times is currently the most frustrating (and confusing) part of your triathlon training.

Trust me, I get it.

Hey, my name is Rory. I am a swim coach that gave up working with kids in 2012 to focus exclusively on helping Age Group Triathletes improve their swimming.

If you don’t have the technique foundation of balance, propulsion and breathing in the water like a swimmer that started young. Or you don’t have the time or flexibility to swim 30km per week like the pro triathletes do. Then you’re in the same boat as 99% of the Age Group Triathletes I coach on a daily basis.

The good news is I can help.

I’m not telling you it will be easy (it won’t be), but I can promise you that you can swim faster and more efficiently.

Everything I’ve written and recorded on ICanSwimFast.com is there to help you learn, understand and improve. Take a look around, figure out what’s holding your swim back and then get in the water and start working at it.

If you need help, just ask.

Rory Buck

Is SwimFast For You?

If you are looking for straight-forward, no-nonsense, easy to understand advice on Swimming for Age Group Triathletes, then just like these guys, you’re in the right place.

“Rory is NOT a swim coach, he is a swim guru. He will not only be able to de-construct your stroke in step by step format, that will be easy for you to understand and improve on, but he has the uncanny ability to understand what the order of importance is to improve your swimming stroke in the shortest amount of time, with the fastest possible gains.”
Mohanned A

“If you want to learn about swimming, and to come to love it, Rory is your man.”
– Taka M

“Rory helped me visualize my faults and my strengths during each swim which allowed me to correct my mechanics and enhance my body position so I can hold a more effective stroke in the water.
Arnaud B

“Rory is incredibly knowledgeable and knows exactly how to explain things in various ways to get the message home. I never realized how technical swimming was until I met Rory!”
– Emma H

“Following Rory’s tips and watching him guide you will make you ‘feel’ the rights and wrongs in your swim technique. It’s simple, effective!”
– Evan K

“Rory is extremely talented at understanding people’s skills and abilities and building a stroke around their base strengths.”
– David M

Who Am I?

My name is Rory. I’m a swimming for triathlon coach and I help triathletes MASTER the swim.

I’m a retired, internationally ranked, swimmer and as a coach I’ve spent over 14 years identifying the most effective ways of moving through the water. I’ve helped triathletes finish their first race and I have coached IronMen who have completed at World Champs.

Ready To Get Started?

Check out my guide on the Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming

This is my easy to understand, straightforward guide to efficient technique, better endurance & unshakable triathlon swimming confidence. If you need help with swimming for triathlon, this is THE Guide for you.

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