Breaking Down Technique

How To Stop Your Legs From Sinking

The  Ultimate Guide To Balance & Alignment In Freestyle Swimming Introduction Stopping your legs from sinking doesn’t just magically happen.  The human body isn’t designed to float horizontally. Honestly, I don’t even think we were created to swim. Sinking legs is a problem practically every human faces when first learning to move through the water.  …

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Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming

A Straightforward Swimming for Triathlon Guide To Efficient Technique, Better Endurance & Unshakable Triathlon Swimming Confidence.   Why I Wrote This Guide I started swimming 10 years later than every one I was racing against. In my first season, my competition was doing 8000m+ of swimming per day to prepare for their A race. Meanwhile …

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Tips For Freestyle Breathing

If you’re gasping for air on every stroke, don’t stress this quick guide will help. Here are some simple tips for freestyle breathing.

freestyle kick triathletes

Freestyle Kick Like A Triathlete

This post breaks down how to position and move each part of your leg so you can get more power out of your kick. Learn to kick more efficiently right here.

The Freestyle Breath: How To Keep Your Head Low

When you keep your head low during the freestyle breath you’ll sustain your pace with less effort and hold your speed for longer periods of time. Learn how to keep your head in a good position through the breath

Should Triathletes Swim Front Quadrant Freestyle?

The speed and efficiency of your freestyle stroke is directly related to the length of your body. By swimming front quadrant freestyle you will create a more efficient stroke that you can learn to build speed from. Here’s how to swim front quadrant freestyle.