Triathlon Swim Strategy Call

Am I Doing This Right?

“What stroke changes should I make?”
“Why have I stopped getting faster?”
“How much swimming should I do?”
“Why can’t I maintain my speed?”

The Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming Guide taught you the most important factors you need to think about as you train for your triathlon swim.

But what happens if you can’t workout out why you aren’t making any progress?

Or if you have a specific question about your technique or training plan that you need a clear cut answer to?

Let’s get YOUR questions answered!

For $97 I will give you straightforward answers to specific challenges or roadblocks you are facing in a 45 minute Swim Strategy video call.

Here’s how it works.

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*What exactly can I help you with?

Something specific you are struggling with that you just can’t seem to get right
Send me your question! Here’s an example: “I have a major problem with my rotation and feel like I’m fighting the water and not engaging my core. How can I relax and not fight so much?”

Technique feedback on a video clip
Send me any video of you swimming and I’ll show you exactly what you are doing wrong and how to fix your faults.

Input or reassurance you’ve got the right training plan
Have you downloaded a generic plan to follow as you train for you upcoming race… but you aren’t sure if it’s the right plan for you? Let’s take a look at the plan and your goals and I’ll tell you exactly how to improve the plan based on your unique situation and circumstances.

Figure out why you’re not seeing PR’s
Are you stuck at a speed or endurance plateau? Can’t swim faster than 2.00/100m? Or can’t build up your distances in training? I”ll analyze what you are missing in your training that causing the roadblock.

Why Trust Me With Your Progress?

I’ve spent the last 6 years specializing in working with triathletes and adults (on top of the 10 years I coached swimmers). In that time I have dedicated everything to learning exactly what works and what doesn’t when preparing for the triathlon swim.

This is a golden opportunity. Especially if you are a self coached triathlete, or you aren’t working with a triathlon specific swim coach.

Let me help you get clarity and reassurance that you are on the right track to smashing your target times on race day!

Deciding to work with Rory is one of the best investments I have made. Indra M
Indra dropped from 2.10/100m to 2.00/100m in 16 weeks. Without Rory I wouldn’t have progressed in the way I have. I probably would have stopped a long time ago!” Gabrielle R
Gabrielle dropped from 2.37/100m to 2.04/100m

Money Back Guarantee

I’m deeply committed to helping triathletes “get it” when they swim. It’s the reason I coach. It’s the reason I turn down multiple requests every week to coach children. It’s why I run and post regularly on @ICSwimFast on Instagram. Helping triathletes like you is my “thing”.  I want you to feel the same way about swimming as you do about your bike… about your running. I want you to feel confident and fast!

So if you aren’t happy with the feedback I give you, the advice I suggest or the quality of my coaching on our call, I’m more than happy to give you your $97 back.

I’m serious about that. If my advice doesn’t help you, you get all of your money back!Book Your Call Now