Drill Library: Balance Drill With Kickboard

Understand Why We Do The Drill, :

  • Establishes alignment of head hips and heels
  • Allows you to feel the buoyancy of your body in the water.
  • Teaches you to relax and let the water hold you up instead of fighting to stay afloat
  • Makes it easier to hold your line and relax with the support of the kickboard

How To Do It:

Body Position:

  • Laying face down in the water
  • Arms should be extended out in front of you in the “Number 11 Position”
  • Your hands should be holding onto the back of a kick board
  • Legs should be extended out behind you
  • Head and neck into a neutral position
  • Make your body as long as you can

The Movement:

  • Kick across the pool maintaining your body position
  • When you need to breathe raise your head (so only your mouth comes out the water) breath in through your mouth and place your head back down in the water.

Things To Focus On:

  • Float as high as you can in the water
  • Keep your head, hips and heels all in one straight line with each other.
  • Keep the kick light and just strong enough to keep you moving forward
  • Don’t push down on kickboard to lift your head

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