Drill Library: Catch Up Drill

Understand Why We Do The Drill, :

  • Teaches you how to keep your lead arm extended out in front of you as you take a breath
  • Helps you learn how to keep more body weight shifted forward ahead of your lungs
  • Teaches you not pulling through too early in the stroke cycle

How To Do It:

Body Position:

  • Swim regular freestyle, with an exaggerated pause out in front.

The Movement:

  • Begin to swim regular freestyle.
  • As your arm recovers over the top of the water keep your extended arm gliding out in front of you.
  • Wait until the recovering hand has touched the extended hand.
  • Once the entering hand touches the extended hand, begin to pull through for the next stroke.
  • Each hand should catch up to the other on every stroke, as if one arm telling the other “OK, I have caught up to you, now it’s your turn to pull through”.

Things To Focus On:

  • Make sure you do not pull through with the extended arm until the hands have touched.
  • Pay particular attention to the hands touching on the strokes when you take a breath.