Drill Library: High Tempo Freestyle

Understand Why We Do The Drill, :

  • Teaches you how to ramp your stroke rate up
  • Allows you to feel a different type of pressure on the water as you pull through

How To Do It:

Body Position:

  • Swim regular freestyle, with a focus on turning your arms around as quickly as possible.

The Movement:

  • Swim freestyle
  • Limit the “extension” phase of the stroke by getting into the catch and pull back as quickly as possible
  • The goal is to find the catch quickly, drive water backwards and get the hand out in the shortest amount of time.
  • Using a snorkel while doing high tempo work can help if you feel like the breath slows your tempo down.

Things To Focus On:

  • Swim with good alignment
  • Don’t try to push as much water backwards as possible, just keep the arms moving quickly through the cycle.
  • Keep your stroke tempo up
  • If you need to lessen the “pressure” you feel on the water with your hand, wrist and forearm, that is ok
  • Relax the shoulders and lats while as the arms move through the pull cycle
  • Get your wrist down as your hands enter the water.
  • Do not over rotate your hips and shoulders. The more you rotate the slower your stroke rate will be.