Drill Library: Pull Buoy at Ankles

Understand Why We Do The Drill, :

  • It forces your core to activate as it is the only part of your body not floating.
  • Helps you learn to bridge the gap between your legs and your arms
  • Teaches you to increase your stroke rate and focus on using your upper body and core strength to keep moving forward.

How To Do It:

Body Position:

  • Begin to swim regular freestyle with a pull buoy squeezed between your ankles.

The Movement:

  • Keep the pull buoy squeezed tightly between your ankles.
    Do not let it pop out at any point in the length
  • Using a snorkel can help if you feel like the breath causes you to sink

Things To Focus On:

  • Keep your core tight. This means focusing on having your hips up at the surface of the water, not sunk down beneath the surface.
  • Swim with good alignment
  • Keep your stroke tempo up
  • Get your wrist down as your hands enter the water
  • Do not over rotate your hips and shoulders