How To Book In With Mindbody

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How To Book In
Through The App

Ready to become a TeamSwimFast regular? I’m so excited to see you in the water multiple times a week!

I go to my parents house for dinner every Saturday night. Every week my mom asks me to help her with something on her phone or her computer. She LOVES the convenience of technology, but HATES getting set up – it’s complicated and doesn’t ever make sense!

To make sure this setup process is easy for you, I tested it with my mom and she didn’t need any help! If she can do it, you can do it!

So, to get booked into the time slots that suit your schedule, here’s exactly how you go about it:1. Download an app called “Mindbody”
You can search for it in the App or Play Store by searching “Mindbody Online Fitness” or by clicking one of the links below.2. Download it NOW… 

I’ll wait ????3. Create your Account

Once the app is downloaded, setup a new account with your email address or using Facebook.

Perfect. You now have an account ????????

There are lots of businesses that use Mindbody, so next you’ll need to find SwimFast so you can get booked in!4. Search for SwimFast Dubai

To find SwimFast, tap the Search icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and type in “SwimFast”.

Once you’ve found it, mark it as a Favourite.5. Save SwimFast as a Favourite

With SwimFast Dubai open, mark it as a favorite on the Business Details screen by tapping the empty  icon.

When you mark it as a Favourite it will show up every time you open the app. That means you will be able to quickly check in, instead of going through the search process each time you want to book into a workout!✅ Sweet. We’re all set up. Now let’s get you booked in.
5. Book In for a Workout

On the Home Screen tap SwimFast in the top right hand corner. This will open up the schedule.  Find the workout that you want to attend and simply tap the “BOOK” button to confirm your spot.

Note that for the Semi Private Sessions it will ask you to CALL. Please contact me

If the session is full you will be given the chance to join the waitlist. When you do this you will be automatically added when a spot opens up.

If you’re on the waitlist and a spot opens up for, you will receive an email letting you know!