Swimfast Program

Monthly Payments

Individualized Swim Workouts
➜ Individualized Swim Workouts based on your ability, goals and schedule. Designed to build as you progress.

In Depth Video Analysis
➜ A comprehensive video analysis review of your stroke. This will make sure you are making the changes you need to your stroke and to guarantee your technique is improving.

Detailed Drill Videos
➜ To improve your technique, you must execute your drills correctly; focusing on what, how and why we are moving our bodies in particular ways, these videos will show you how.

Extensive Educational Videos & Articles
➜ Answers to your challenges, questions and frustrations. Stroke Fault Correction Videos and tactical/Instructional resources to help you overcome specific challenges you are facing.

Accountability & Team Support
➜ Get support from other SF members as you navigate your journey. Share your experiences and insights. Get feedback and learn from triathletes just like you.

Let’s get you started.

Swim Faster. Improve your Technique. Build Your Fitness. Grow Your Confidence.
Monthly Payments Of

700.00 د.إ