Thank you for your order and congratulations on taking the first steps to fixing your stroke faults and swimming more efficiently!

I’ve just emailed you a link to upload your files as well as your payment options. Please check your inbox, if it’s not there already, sometimes my emails end up in the spam folder, so please check there.

If you have any questions, just reply to the email and I’ll answer them for you ????

Below are a couple of details that will make sure you get the most out of your analysis (and how to make the process super simple)!

Chat soon,


Here's How To Upload Your Video

  • Click the upload link I emailed you
  • Save your video files with your name so I know who they belong to ????
  • Select your videos for analysis in the DropBox window
  • Type your Name & Email Address
  • Click Upload
  • ... And you're done ????

What Video Angles Work Best?

I can give you feedback off of just about any video you shoot of yourself swimming, BUT if you REALLY want to get your money’s worth, you’ll want to collect a minimum of 5 of your swimming from a couple of different angles.

What I’ve laid out below is the ideal collection of angles. These allow me to really analyze your stroke fully.. If you can’t get it all of these, don’t worry, I can still help!

  • One length of you swimming towards the camera, with the camera above the water.
  • One length of you swimming away from the camera, with the camera above the water.
  • One or two lengths of film underwater side on. This one can be a little difficult to capture... Ideal is walking along side as you swim, but that can be complicated. So if it's just on the bottom or submerged underwater and you swim by it a couple times it'll work!
  • One length of you swimming towards the camera, with the camera underwater, either on the bottom or just below the surface.
  • Two lengths of film walking along side you as you swim with the camera above the water. Ask a friend to help you with this one and have them hold the camera and walk along the pool filming you as you swim the length. 

Again, remember if you can’t get it all of these angles, don’t worry, I can still help! If you are confused or have a questions, reply to the email I just sent you and we will get it figured out!