Speedo SwimFast Team Announcements

Welcome to Speedo SwimFast! I’m thrilled you’ve decided to join us on our mission to deliver breakthrough performance results for you, no matter what your level is! Please take a moment to watch the video below for details on how to get the most out of your membership. I’m excited to work with you!

Speedo SwimFast Workouts of the Week

Speedo SwimFast Drill’s

Swim drills for triathletes are not a magic pill. You won’t get faster just because you do them! We must execute our drills correctly, focusing on what, how and why we are moving our bodies in particular ways. Watch how to do each of our key drills by clicking Play below. For a deeper explanation of why and how to use these drills, read (or listen) to this guide

Balance & Alignment Drills

Propulsion Drills

Sighting Drills

Speedo SwimFast Resources

What? How? Why? Swimming is the most complicated, and technique dependent sport in triathlon. That’s what makes it so hard to learn and master. There are a lot of moving parts… Your breathing is limited… There are 1000 things to think about to achieve the “perfect stroke”. And do you even need a “perfect stroke” if your race day swim is less than 10% of your total race time? Find the answers here. 

Breaking Down Technique

Building Fitness