Team SwimFast Membership

AED 500 per month

The way I coach is a little different to what you will find from many other coaches.. If you just need a set of workouts each week, I am the wrong person for you. My job is to help you get results. To help you reach your swimming goals and to help you have fun doing it. Swimming is hard work (but you’re ok with that 😉), to help you my philosophy goes beyond just a series of workouts.

I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, about your training, your life, your schedule & energy levels, the way you think about swimming and triathlon and any other variables I think will have an impact on your performance. I take this and turn around to give you an evolving personal plan – based on your on your ability, goals, your limiters and your schedule.

Let’s Get Started

As a Member of TeamSwimFast, you get:

☑️ Between 1-5 weekly workouts emailed to you each week either following your 1-1 session with me OR on a Sunday at the start of each week.

☑️ Workouts and goal times adjusted for unique pool length, travel or other requirements

☑️ Coaching advice tailored to your specific situation and goals.

☑️ Emailed feedback on all workouts completed.

☑️ Periodic video analysis of your stroke.

☑️ Access to the SF Online Portal with Drill & Education Videos & Audio Files.

The SwimFast Membership is For Age Group Wanting:

🔹A highly personal coaching relationship with customized programs & personalized contact with your coach
🔹Athletes looking to maximize limited training availability to secure optimal results

About Your Coach; Rory

🔹 17 Years Coaching Experience
🔹 A Student of Swimming & Training
🔹 A Deep understanding of Athlete Psychology
🔹 Data Driven with a Heart for Helping People Succeed
🔹 Retired Internationally Ranked Swimmer
🔹 Fina & USA Swimming Certified
🔹 Ironman U Certified
🔹 Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
🔹 AG Triathlete