Team SwimFast Membership: Pricing & Payment

Getting faster in the swim starts with a plan designed around you and your needs. To start with, I customize your entire swimming program towards your goals. I take into account your current ability of swims per week. Your schedule & commitments around work and family. And your ultimate goals to put together a program designed to help you improve.

Here’s what you’ll get with your TeamSwimFast Membership:

☑️ Between 1-5 weekly workouts emailed to you each week either following your 1-1 session with me OR on a Sunday at the start of each week.

☑️ Workouts and goal times adjusted for unique pool length, travel or other requirements (please note your responsibility in order to make this happen)

☑️ Coaching advice tailored to your specific situation and goals.

☑️ Emailed feedback on all workouts completed.

☑️ Periodic video analysis of your stroke.

☑️ Access to the SF Online Portal with Drill & Education Videos & Audio Files.

☑️ That I will clearly communicate in advance any time you may have a delay in feedback, workouts or communication with me while I travel or am on leave from work

Team SwimFast Membership is AED 1500 per Quater, pro rated at AED 125/week.
2020 Quaters run as follows:
January 1st through March 30th
April 1st through June 30th
July 1st through August 31st
September 1st through December 31st

You will be invoiced via email on the date you wish to join the Team SwimFast Membership Program.