Video: How To Swim Faster By Finding Your Balance

The less resistance you work against in the water, the further you can get with every stroke.

If you want to swim faster and further, feel less tired in the water and use less energy as you swim you need to pay A LOT of attention to how much resistance you’re working against.

The quickest way to minimize resistance in the water is to make sure that your head, your hips and heels are all in one straight line, up on the surface of the water.

We call this floating high in the water.

Swimmers that float high in the water, swim faster!

If you’ve ever wonder why so many triathletes have a love affair with their pull buoy and their wetsuit, this is the reason why. Both the pull buoy and the wetsuit help your body float higher in the water, which allows you to swim faster.

Learning to balance in the water with your head hips and heels in a straight line is critical to fast, efficient swimming.


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