You’d be signing up for more races… finishing much higher up in your age group rankings… and probably enjoying the sport a whole lot more. Because without swimming you’d be so much better at triathlon!

Swimming is hard, and it never seems to get any easier. A thousand strokes, endless laps, starved of oxygen; no matter how much time you put into trying to master it, you still “just survive” in the water. I’d even be willing to bet that you’d rather spend an agonizing week with your mother in law than voluntarily do a swim workout. If any of that sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.

Hi, my name is Rory. I’m a swimming for triathlon coach and I help triathletes MASTER the swim.

I’m a retired, internationally ranked, swimmer and as a coach I’ve spent over 14 years identifying the most effective ways of moving through the water. I’ve helped triathletes finish their first race and I have coached IronMen who have completed at World Champs.

Imagine for a second:
  • Cutting through the water like a knife, swimming fast, knowing you’re not even giving 100% effort… and that if you needed to you could speed up at any time!
  • Checking your Garmin as you exit the water in your next race, you’re ahead of your goal time AND feeling so good that you are primed to attack the bike, and run a personal best!
  • Mastering the swim; turning your weakness in the water into a strength… and never having to worry about the start of any triathlon ever again!
Follow me, I'll show you:
  • What great form looks like along with straightforward instructions so you can start practicing immediately
  • How to instantly spot the things you’re doing wrong and where to fix them
  • How to drastically conserve energy while swimming faster than you currently do
  • How to swim confidently, without any worry of fatigue or a fear of drowning!
  • How to master the swim. I've saved triathletes just like you copious amounts of time and frustration!
Fast forward to your next race. What did you choose?

Building an efficient stroke, developing your swim fitness and raising your confidence will never be easier than it is today.

Imagine looking back to today when you next line up on the waters edge for a race. Today could be the day where the new, swim ready, swim fit and swim confident you decided to make a change.

Or you could stand there with exactly the same skills and fitness as you have right now wishing that you had taken action.

The choice is yours.

Ready to get started?
Check out my guide on the Fundamentals of Triathlon Swimming

This is my easy to understand, straightforward guide to efficient technique, better endurance & unshakable triathlon swimming confidence. If you need help with swimming for triathlon, this is THE Guide for you.

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