Drill Library: Windmill Arms

Understand Why We Do The Drill, :

  • Teaches you to open up the armpit and recover in line with your shoulder
  • Helps refine your balance and rotation through the stroke cycle.
  • Teaches you not to pull through too early in the stroke cycle

How To Do It:

Body Position:

  • Swim regular freestyle, with a straight arm recovery

The Movement:

  • Begin to swim regular freestyle.
  • As you swim your freestyle stroke, think about getting your hand and fingers to go as high as possible into the air.
  • Focus on moving the arm from your shoulder as your hand reaches up and over
  • Keep the arm straight as you move towards the entry point
  • It’s ok to “slap” the water on the entry of the stroke

Things To Focus On:

  • Fight to maintain your balance position as high on the surface of the water as your arms go high into the air. The higher your arms go, the more weight there will be pushing down on your body, causing you to sink.
  • Keep your lead arm extended as you recover over the top, maintaining a Front Quadrant stroke with good alignment.
  • Keep your elbow high and your armpit open

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