Personal Attention In A Group Setting

Learn to swim fast, fix your technique and build your swim fitness Speedo’s SwimFast Monday Nights

Hey Friend!

If you’re an Age Group Triathlete that’s ready stop “just surviving” the swim, this is the perfect opportunity for you. I hope you are ready close the gap on your competition in the water and getting on your bike feeling fresher!

My name is Rory and for years I’ve only worked 1-1 with an exclusive group of triathletes. But now, in partnership with Speedo Swim Squads I’m opening up my coaching to you too.

I’ve learned one thing coaching triathletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities; each one of us is unique.  While the fundamental principles of moving through the water are the same for everyone, we all swim slightly differently. But more than that, we all have different needs and goals.


You’re guaranteed individual stroke guidance during every session. We’ll combine that with ability appropriate workouts that will leave you feeling “just a little bit tired”  but hugely motivated by your progress and accomplishments.

What To Expect:

  • Discover how to swim faster and more efficiently so you can hit your bike with intensity and purpose instead of feeling like you need to play catch up.
  • Build rock-solid technique that allows you to move smoothly through the water instead of fighting to just cover the distance.
  • Gain an understanding of your pacing so you can maintain consistent speed throughout your swim instead of starting out fast and then dying as you run out of steam.
  • Learn to confidently handle anything that comes your way during the swim on race day instead of feeling like you just need to survive before the “real race” starts.
  • Meet triathletes that are already swimming at a level you one day hope to achieve and who are excited to show you how they do it.
  • If that is something you want to be a part of, then Speedo’s SwimFast Mondays are for you!

Logistics & Details:

Location: Citizens School, City Walk
Monday Evening**: 7-8pm
Price: 4x sessions AED 420
** Please See Below For Dates of Season 1


I work with adults of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, but to ensure that you get personal attention and specific feedback during your workout, I am limiting the number of swimmers in the pool on any given evening. Click below to secure your spot now.

Season ONE 

** Season ONE of Speedo’s SwimFast Mondays will run for a limited 10 week period from February 13 to April 24th 2023 at Citizens School near City Walk. Please see the dates below. 
** You do not need to be able to attend every session in the 10 week block to see progress, however it’s recommended that you attend as many as possible.

  • 13 February
  • 21 February
  • 27 February
  • 6 March
  • 20 March
  • 27 March
  • 3rd April
  • 10th April
  • 17 April
  • 24 April
Get signed up. I am excited to meet you and to help you with your swimming.

What Some of My Athletes Have Had to Say About Working With Me

Unsure about swimming with other people?

Nervous you will be judged for not being able to swim fast enough or not knowing what to do?

Don’t stress, our swimmers will make you feel welcome and show you the ropes! If you want some advice before your first session, download this free guide. It’ll teach you how to feel unshakably confident about about jumping into your first swim practice and explain everything you need to know about lane (and pool) etiquette.