4x Monday Night Swim Package

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Speedo’s SwimFast Monday Night Sessions

Here’s what we will cover during these sessions:

✅ Technique Skills & Drills Session centered on helping you refine technique and build efficiency in the water.
✅ Threshold training focused on CSS Pace with interval distances ranging from 50m to 800m with goal times set individually (and by lane)
✅ Race Prep training designed to help you get fit, comfortable and confident about attacking the “washing machine” that you’re likely to be a part of on race day.
✅ Feedback on your technique and your pacing with the goal of helping you become a better triathlon swimmer.

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Speedo’s SwimFast Monday Night Sessions

For Triathletes Wanting:

🔹 To discover how to swim faster and more efficiently so you can hit your bike with intensity and purpose instead of feeling like you need to play catch up.
🔹 Build rock-solid technique that allows you to move smoothly through the water instead of fighting to just cover the distance
🔹 Gain an understanding of your pacing so you can maintain consistent speed throughout your swim instead of starting out fast and then feeling your speed drop off as you run out of steam
🔹 Learn to confidently handle anything that comes your way during the swim on race day instead of feeling like you just need to survive before the real race starts.
🔹 Meet triathletes that are already swimming at a level you one day hope to achieve and who are excited to show you how they do it.

About Your Coach; Rory

🔹 17 Years Coaching Experience
🔹 A Student of Swimming & Training
🔹 A Deep understanding of Athlete Psychology
🔹 Data Driven with a Heart for Helping People Succeed
🔹 Retired Internationally Ranked Swimmer
🔹 Fina & USA Swimming Certified
🔹 Ironman U Certified
🔹 Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
🔹 AG Triathlete

One to One Private Coaching Sessions Terms & Conditions:

1️⃣ Fes paid are non-refundable for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, injury, travel and unused or expired sessions, or a change of venue.

2️⃣ Fees paid are not transferable and may only be used by the client that purchased the sessions.

3️⃣ This 4x packages carries an expiration policy that requires the completion of all sessions within a limited time frame as noted below. Sessions are void after this time period, regardless of reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, injury, professional or family duties, or travel.

🔹 4x Sessions: To Be Used On Monday Nights between February 13 to April 24th 2023, excluding March 13.

4️⃣ If you will arrive late for a session, please communicate with me via WhatsApp or email. Once arriving you will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with me.