Grow yourconfidence

Get Through The Swim Comfortably On Race Day!

Learn to swim with less effort and more certainty.

If you find swimming the most challenging part of triathlon, don’t stress… You are not alone. I’ve been helping triathletes like you fix their stroke and build their fitness for years. If you commit to the process with me, you’ll line up at the water’s edge on race day confident you’ll be able to comfortably get through the swim and get on your bike with a smile on your face.


Don’t worry, we’ll ease you in gently. As long as you can swim 50m at a time without resting you’re going to fit in just fine. During your first session we’ll introduce you to the team, put you in a lane with swimmers that go at the same speed as you and scale (make the distances you swim and rest you take appropriate to your ability) the drills and workout so it fits your needs.

During your first session you will:

  • Feel welcome
  • Get feedback on how to improve your technique
  • Get a fantastic workout done
  • Meet new friends
  • Leave feeling accomplished and motivated

To get your first session scheduled, please fill out the form and I will contact you to find the best time for you to come in. I’m also happy to help answer any questions you might have about swimming, an upcoming race or your plan for when you decide to join us regularly.

Unsure about swimming with other people?

Nervous you will be judged for not being able to swim fast enough or not knowing what to do?

Don’t stress, our swimmers will make you feel welcome and show you the ropes! If you want some advice before your first session, download this free guide. It’ll teach you how to feel unshakably confident about about jumping into your first swim practice and explain everything you need to know about lane (and pool) etiquette.