2023 | SF Programming & Feedback Monthly Membership

500.00 د.إ

Your Personalized SwimFast Program

Getting faster in the swim starts with a plan designed around you and your needs, your ability, our schedule & commitments and your ultimate goal! This program is designed around you.

Here’s what you get:

✅ An unlimited number of customized swim workouts emailed to you each week. Workouts are based on your ability, goals and schedule. Workouts are adjusted for travel, pool length and other individual requests.

✅ Personalized sets that build and progress according to your adherence and how well you adapt to the training

✅ Workout by workout feedback on each swim, overall training & progress.

✅ A comprehensive video analysis review of your stroke at agreed intervals. This will make sure you are making the changes you need to your stroke and to guarantee your technique is improving.

✅ Access to my Online Portal which holds nearly 100 resource videos and over 30 hours on a host of swimming and triathlon related topics as well as all of the drills we use and a load of other useful info.

✅ Accountability! Making sure you stay motivated and consistent with your training


SwimFast Monthly Membership

The SwimFast Membership is For Age Group Triathletes Wanting:

🔹A highly personal coaching relationship with customized programs & personalized contact with your coach
🔹Athletes looking to maximize limited training availability to secure optimal results

About Your Coach; Rory

🔹 17 Years Coaching Experience
🔹 A Student of Swimming & Training
🔹 A Deep understanding of Athlete Psychology
🔹 Data Driven with a Heart for Helping People Succeed
🔹 Retired Internationally Ranked Swimmer
🔹 Fina & USA Swimming Certified
🔹 Ironman U Certified
🔹 Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
🔹 AG Triathlete

Team SwimFast Membership Terms & Conditions:


1️⃣ You are free to cancel your SF Coaching Membership at any time. SF Coaching Membership fees paid are non-refundable for reasons, including but not limited to relocation, illness, injury, professional or family duties, or travel.


1️⃣ Termination will usually be agreed upon mutually. In rare instances it may be in my best judgement to terminate coaching services despite your wish to continue. These instances may include: training goals have been met, a need for special services outside the area of my competency, your lack of commitment or inability to follow the programs I write you, infrequent or poor communication, and/or a failure to meet the terms of our fee payment agreement.