SwimFaster Program Results

The SwimFaster program has helped swimmers all over the world improve their technique, build their swim fitness and grown their confidence in the water. Listen to Jared explain how his CSS progressed from 1.33/100 to 1.23/100 following the SF program last year.

Other Results On The SF Program

I’ve been doing the SwimFast program for 8 weeks now and my 800m time trial time has dropped by over a minute from 15:07 down to 13:54. I love not having to come up with my own sets and having a coach really keeps me accountable. Did i mention it’s FREE?
Dan; Noosa, Australia

Its great to have people share their times. Like being part of a team again and it helps the competitive side of me to keep working hard. Thanks for developing SWIMFAST. Wish I knew about it sooner
Rod; Minnesota, USA

There is absolutely NO WAY I would have accomplished my crazy goal of completing an IronMan race in 5 months, with no prior experience, without your guidance and training program. Absolutely No way in the world. I’m still in awe of how we ended up linking up when we did.
Hoop; Georgia, USA

I decided to do the same test I did at the start of cycle 1, so I could get a good measurement of improvement from the start. It was a 500 time trial: 7:52 or a 1:34/100 pace. My pace for the same 500 test 12 weeks ago was 10.40 or 2:08/100! Thank you, Rory! I was also curious what my all-out time would be on a 100 TT, so did that too, which was a 1:26. The last one I did 7 weeks ago was a 1:30.
Angela; Somewhere on Earth 🙂

I love the structure and the detailed information given in the workout’s AND it’s FREE! I did every workout in Cycle 1 and dropped from 1.53/100m to 1.42/100m in the last 12 weeks.
Jane; Durban, South Africa

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