Welcome To Team SwimFast

I’m looking forward to helping you in the coming weeks.

You’re going to feel challenged at times, but I promise you, you will see your technique improve, your swim endurance is going to build up and your confidence is going to grow! Let’s do this!

Below is a quick overview of some of the points from the video as well as a couple of additional resources to help you better understand what we will be working on and what you can expect from this process.

~ Rory

Drill Sets

Swim drills are not a magic pill. You won’t automatically get faster just because you do them everyday! Having said that… The right drills, used in the right way can do wonders to your stroke, if you practice them correctly.

To understand how to best leverage your swim drills, please read the Rock Solid Technique Guide.

Main Sets

Our goal with any main set is to be as consistent as possible with the pacing. I look at the variation between your fastest repeat and your slowest. The less deviation, the better!
The rest times prescribed on these sets are almost as important as the goal times – please pay attention to them and make sure you stick to them. If you can’t then I’ve set the goal times incorrectly.

To learn more about your main sets and the use of CSS Pace and Intervals, please read the article below.


I keep my workouts as simple as possible for you to follow. But there are still some key words and phrases you will need to understand in order to get maximum benefit out of your sessions.

Please take a look at this guide for a description of all the terminology you will see in your workouts