Swimmer can't run

Think Swimming Is Challenging? This Swimmer Can’t Run!

Running is for Athletes that can’t… can’t catch, can’t throw, can’t hit a ball, can’t swim, can’t ride a bike… I mean there is no skill involved whatsoever, it’s just like walking, only faster… Right? Wrong! Friends, let me share something with you.

Swimming is lonely

Swim For Something Greater Than Yourself

The water doesn’t allow you to communicate while you train, it sucks you into a world of confinement filled with a blurry view of a black line and a pace clock…

Chasing The Olympics; When Dreaming Becomes Real

For years I have dreamed of being an Olympian, but it was always a dream. A dream followed in blind faith that one day, maybe just one day, by a mighty act of God it would come true. This weekend that dream became real. The journey starts now.

I Whinge When I’m Tired; Do Athletes Have A Right To Whine?

I don’t whine for attention or to get out of hard work. I whine to verbalize the pain I am feeling. It reassures me that I am heading in the right direction. In some twisted way it helps build confidence in my training and my ability. But do athletes have a right to whine?

athletes need support

No One Succeeds Alone; Why Athletes Need Support Structures

Success at the highest level is a very large, thousand piece puzzle. I am learning more and more how critical this piece of the puzzle is. These are my support structures, and the reasons you, as an athlete need a support structure to perform at your best.

Chasing The Dream Of An Olympic Games

This poem got me chasing the dream of swimming in an Olympic Games. It’s a long shot dream, but with a little common sense and a healthy does of determination, you’d be surprised at what’s possible. I hope it inspires you too.

Sleep Is The Biggest Piece Missing From Your Training

If you were already maximizing your training time, what’s the #1 thing you’d want to add to your day to get faster & stronger? The answer is sleep. And here’s why you want to be getting more of it.