Chasing The Olympics; When Dreaming Becomes Real

This post was published on April 7 2010 while on my journey to South African Olympic Trials and the 2012 Olympic team.

For years I have dreamed of being an Olympian.

It was always a dream. One followed in blind faith that one day, maybe one day, by a mighty act of God it would come true.

729 Days – 13 Hours – 14 Minutes – 50 Seconds

That is what the countdown clock reads.

That’s how long I have to the opening of the greatest spectacle on earth (in my humble opinion at least!). The 2012 London Olympic Games will kick off on this evening, two years from now. On the 27th of July 2012 in the Olympic Stadium in London, England it all begins. To be honest, it makes the hair on my arms and neck stand up.

Every swimmer dreams of going to the Olympic Games, it is the highest level one can reach in our sport.

The ultimate. The Pinnacle.

This from the opening page of P.H. Mullen’s book “Gold in the Water”. It sums up my sentiment perfectly.

Last week at the Western Zone’s Senior Sectional meet my dream of being an Olympian became a whole lot more real.

I won the 100 and 200 Breaststroke at the meet. Breaking meet records in both events with times rank me very well in South Africa.

USA Swimming Sectionals, Mount Hood: Missy Franklin, Rory Buck Set Meet Records

The journey to the 2010 Olympic Games has begun. It’s one that will be 729 days, 12 hours, 26 minutes and 11 seconds long. Let the fun begin.

Rory Buck Swimming The 100m Breaststroke – 1min 03

YouTube video

100m Breaststroke Finals at the 2010 Western Zone’s Senior Sectional Meet

Rory Buck Swimming The 200m Breaststroke – 2min 17

YouTube video

200m Breaststroke Finals at the 2010 Western Zone’s Senior Sectional Meet

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7 thoughts on “Chasing The Olympics; When Dreaming Becomes Real”

  1. You GO BOY! WE’re with you all the way, knowing that you’ll put in whats required and by the Grace of God, reap your just rewards. I dont doubt that for a second. Enjoy the journey to London. We’ll be there to vuvuzela you into the Aquatic centre!

  2. Wow. That commercial gives you chills and this post gives me chills! We are so excited to watch you on your journey to London, and you better believe your Byrd family will be there screaming our guts out for you!

  3. It is all about the journey!!! Enjoy ever second of it and you will get your reward. Can’t wait to cheer you along the way…and of course on THAT day when your dream comes true.

  4. Linda Seppa Salisbury

    Dear Coach “Glory!”
    You may be surprised to see this post on your blog. Who is this, you might be asking? I am Emma’s Nana, and you are a “household word” in our family. Coach Glory says this, Coach Glory did that.
    You are a huge part of the positive fabric of my beloved granddaughter’s life and such a great friend and support to Jessi and Rog.

    What I know for sure, because Emma has told me so:), is that you are more than a great swimmer. Don’t get me wrong, she is sure to say that you are a great, great swimmer. But in her eyes you are so much more than just that. YOU HAVE HEART! You love her and deeply care about her as a person. You are her coach, and you believe in her. She trusts you, and because of that trust, and her hard work, she has done so well as a swimmer.

    What does this have to do with the Olympics? Your journey to the Olympics is certainly about great swimming skills, talent and countless hours of training. It is about sacrifice and commitment. You are doing all that work and it is paying off!!!

    But going to the Olympics is also about heart. Having a heart for the sport you love and sharing that heart with others.

    You are already an Olympic champion in our books, and we will follow and support your journey 100% as you head to London! Thank you, thank you for all you do for our Emma!
    Linda (Emma’s Nana)

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