What If Swimming Faster Was This Easy?

I want to show you that all you need to do to succeed, is take action.

We kicked off the SwimFaster Program in November and already there are people starting to see amazing results. Check out Olivier’s story on how he dropped 30 seconds from his 800 Freestyle time this month.

I shared some of my November goals with you at the beginning of last month. The way I set one of my goals, might help you achieve a goal you’re struggling with.

How Olivier dropped over 30 seconds from his 800 time.

I’ve never met Olivier in person, but in early November he replied to one of my emails. He told me his background and what he is struggling with in swimming. He then asked for some help…olivier-email
The next day, Olivier took action. He logged in and did his first SwimFaster Program workout.

The SF Program is designed to help you swim faster and gain confidence – but that means nothing to you unless it actually delivers, right?!

So in week 5 of the program we put it to the test.  Workout #SF 13 had an 800 Time Trial to test endurance and stamina and a 100 Time Trial to test raw speed.

Olivier had best times in both swims.
His endurance AND his speed is improving!

We’re only in Cycle 1 of the season! Come June when the snow in Zurich, Switzerland (Olivier’s home town) has melted and it’s race time – Olivier is going to be killing it in the water!!

Awesome work, Olivier!

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Just like Olivier, everyone else who took action and began following the program (that I got to see results for) has had a best time in either the 800 or the 100 freestyle. Many of them in both…

All they did to start was take action.

cropped-favicon-lg.pngThe SwimFaster program is designed specifically for triathletes in the 2.20/100m to 1.40/100m range. If you’re ready to step up your swimming game, get started HERE.

How setting an easy goal helped me step up my game.

One of my goals for November was to get in 5 workouts each week. I actually averaged 6-7!


Am I a hero? No way!! But I’m trying to get back into shape and there’s a subtle trick I used to help me…

  • I set this goal real low.
  • I accomplished it.
  • Then did more than I had planned.
  • And I felt like a bad ass that’s dominating life.


All too often we try to get from zero to 100 in one week.


Because we confuse long term goals with short term objectives. They are not the same thing.

Keep your long term goals, they are important. But I like to break my short term objectives into manageable targets.

Try this next time you’re struggling to get something accomplished. You will find that you are WAY more motivated with this approach than if you try to get from zero to 100 in one week and fail.

Here are my December Goals:

As I will every month, I’ll post up the three things I’m going to be working on for the coming month. Here’s what December looks like for me.

  1. Write 2 insanely useful blog posts for you 

If you’ve got a question about something swimming related that you want covered in depth in a blog post – email me; rory(at)icanswimfast.com

2. Get active helping triathletes on Facebook

There are interesting articles. Tips & advice. And some extra motivation to get your ass in the water and dominating life on the SwimFast Facebook page. I’d love to see you there, too!

3. Get my eating habits in check

  1. What you eat.
  2. When you eat.
  3. How much you eat.

They all have a massive impact on how you feel, how you perform (and how good you look in a speedo).

December is typically a month that we go off the rails with eating. Then in January we try to set crazy, insane goals to get our lives and training back together.

I want to set up my 2017 habits now, so January will be easier 🙂

Your turn:

The days, months and years keep getting faster and faster. I have no idea how we are in December already?

One of my greatest fears is that life will pass me by so quickly that it’s over before I even know it.

Perhaps Olivier’s success or seeing how I hit my workout goals in November will get you started on achieving yours.

Set up your goals for December today. Take a look at your long term goals. Break them down into short term objectives. Then email me or comment below with what you want to achieve in December. A little accountability never hurt nobody.

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2 thoughts on “What If Swimming Faster Was This Easy?”

  1. sketchsky@hotmail.com

    Pretty cool program you have! I’m just jumping into this as a 1:55 per 100M swimmer. Should I start with this weeks workouts or should I being going back to week 1 somehow?

    1. Hey Ryan, we are just about to finish cycle 1 – there is one week left and the workouts are a little longer. I’d jump in where we are and do the warm up and the drill sets as they are then scale the distances of the main set down if you need to (quite possible that you don’t). When we start cycle 2 in week 13 you should be able to follow along 100% all the way through! Let me know if you have any other questions, bud!

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