SwimFast Drill Library

Balance Drills

The Balance Drills help you focus on getting your body into alignment, reducing resistance and cutting the narrowest path through the water. They are by far the most important drills you can do to help you swim faster over longer distances.

Rotation Drills

The rotation drills will help you learn how to activate your core and hips in your stroke. Using the big muscles in your core and hips will help you drive much more power in your stroke than just using your shoulders! These drills will also teach you to hold your balance and alignment in slightly more challenging positions.

Recovery & Setup Drills

The Recovery & Setup Drills teach you how to relax as you hand travels from your hip back to the water. They will also teach you how to find the entry channel inline with your shoulder and how to enter the water cleanly.

Catch & Pull Drills

The Catch & Pull Drills will help you maximize propulsion. Once you have done all you can to minimize resistance, these are the drills that will help you learn how to drive yourself further forward with every stroke!