The Freestyle Breath: How To Keep Your Head Low

When you keep your head low during the freestyle breath you’ll sustain your pace with less effort and hold your speed for longer periods of time. Learn how to keep your head in a good position...

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Not Seeing Tangible Progress In The Water?
Try These Two Steps to Help You Move Closer Towards Your Swim Goal

Your training time is limited. You want to be certain each workout is helping you achieve your goal. Here’s two ways you can do just that.

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Triathlon Training Program

SwimFaster Program: Cycle 3 Breakdown

The SwimFaster program is a free online comprehensive swim program for triathletes that runs year round from November – October. Cycle 3 is the Cycle where we transition your swimming skills...

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Making Friends Through Triathlon

One of the things I LOVE about triathlon and swimming is that it enables you to travel to places that you may never have known about and to meet some of the most interesting people.

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Slow Sucky Swim Days

Sucky Slow Swim Days happen. They even happen to the very best athletes in the world and I’m sure they happen to you too. Here’s how to handle them.

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