Good Triathlon Swim Time

What is a Good Triathlon Swim Time?

In this guide I will show you what it takes to be better than the average triathlon swimmer for your age and gender. We will also take a look at how fast you need to swim to be considered “good”, as…

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adjust your swimming mindset

Adjust Your Swimming Mindset

When you adjust your swimming mindset I guarantee you will start to get see quicker improvements! Here are 5 tips to help you get your mind right.

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SwimFaster Triathlon Swim Training Program: Season 2 Cycle 1 Breakdown

The SwimFaster program is a free online comprehensive swim program for triathletes that runs year round from November - October. Cycle 1 is the Cycle where we focus building a foundation of solid…

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Use These 5 Steps To Improve Your Swim Technique

Understand exactly how your brain processes learning a skill and apply these 5 strategies to change and improve your technique like a pro.

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Swim Fitness: Why You Need More Than Technique

Technique will set the limit on where your fitness will take you. But technique on it’s own will only carry you through 4-5 minutes of swimming.

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